Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Gender Bustin' Collab!

After drawing Kangaskhan for the Pokécollab I was approached by Initials Games to draw something for their Gender Bustin' Collab! The idea was to take iconic video game character's and draw them as the opposite gender. 

Seemed like a fun challenge, so I decided to draw Sonic. Enjoy! Created in Illustrator.

Monday, 29 July 2013

Back to Illustrator!

Haven't used Illustrator in ages, not since I was doing the visuals for Faux! I've missed it, so today I did this thing! Enjoy!


Below is a digital drawing that I did for Justin Chan's Pokécollab project! His awesome idea was to get 151 different digital artists to draw the 151 first generation pokémon. Really fun to do, major nostalgia!

I drew this Kangaskhan in Photoshop. Below it is the latest version of the final image.

Digital Doodles

Hello! Since finishing the year in June, I've pretty much just been relaxing (Hence the lack of posts recently). I have, however, kept on drawing and thinking of ideas for next year! 

Recently I've been having a go at digital drawing, as it's something I've never really gotten into, but always liked the look of. Below are a few random drawings that I've done recently. 

All drawn into photoshop from my iPad, using the airdisplay app.