Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Esting Entry - The Bird

Below is the outcome of my latest project, an Esting for E4. Created entirely using Flash with artwork created in Illustrator. Enjoy!

Monday, 19 November 2012

E-sting Animatic

Below is an animatic for my E-sting project. An animatic is made to show the rough timing and shots for the final outcome, without much in the way of style or detail. I've posted mine so that you can see my E-sting idea.

Keep an eye out for my actual E-sting, which will be up here as soon as it's finished!

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Bird Concepts

Below are some concepts created on illustrator for my current project, to create an E-sting ident for Channel 4. My E-sting features a bird, so I've come up with a few possible designs. 

Please comment with your suggestion as to which one I should use!

Friday, 16 November 2012

FullSec Entry - Imagination

Here's my latest project, a bit of fun for Animade Fullsecs. To create a Fullsec, you simply have to create a one second animation to describe a word or phrase in an interesting way. I've cheated a bit, because there's no animation in mine at all. 

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Sack Animation

Above is my latest piece of work, my sack animation. The brief for this project was to create an animation of two sacks of flour crossing a gap of some sort. The aim was to give them character through animation, without changing their design. One Sack is tentative about crossing the gap, while the other is confident. 
This project was carried out in one week.

Illustrator Background

For this project I had a week to design and create a background for animation in illustrator. Having never used illustrator, this was a great opportunity to learn the ins and outs of a program so widely used in industry.

Background Painter

For this project I had to use Photoshop to paint a background from children's TV show "Frankenstein's Cat". Given only the original line drawings, my job was to match the colours, shadows and lights as close to the original day and night versions as possible. 

Pre-production - Character Performance

Here's my second project of the year, the pre-production for a project based on the 11 second club. The 11 second club is a monthly animation competition where people submit character animations based on random 11 second sound clips. My sound clip is from the TV programme Glee. It was used in the November 09 competition and can be found Here.

My character is a rat stuck in a bin round the back of a coffee shop. Being a rat, he can't stop eating and has become fat and depressed. Keep an eye out for the animation, should be on here soon! 

My Showreel

I thought a good way to kick off my working blog would be a showreel of the animation i've done so far. The work in this showreel ranges from during GCSE up to my second year of Uni. Enjoy!

TMNT Storyboard

Below is the work I did for my first project of second year, to storyboard and existing script. The script was from an episode of the old Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The aim was to demonstrate correct use of storyboarding techniques, as well as visual style. 

Here's the Original Episode. It looks a bit different as I didn't work from the orginal.

Expressive Inks

Here are a few expressive drawings in biro and coloured with ink. The aim was to use hot and cold colours with shading to create feeling.

Never Ending Sculpture

This Is a piece I created during my A levels. Viewed from the right perspective you can see an Escher-esque never ending pattern. Look at one corner and follow round clockwise, and you'll see the blocks keep going backwards forever.