Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Major Project - Sketches

Here are a few initial drawings for a film that I'll be working on from now until May. The film is for my 2nd year major project, and it is the biggest thing I've ever done. Exciting stuff!

Enjoy, and look out for more soon!

Minor Project - The Rat

Below is the outcome of my 2nd year minor project. You may have seen the rat which I posted up some time ago, and this is the animated outcome to that project. 

The project was to adapt a random sound clip from a film or television program. Mine was the 'cocoon of horror' clip from Glee season 1. My idea for this clip was a rat trapped in a bin. 

I have no Idea why the video is 1:34 long, but I've run out of upload space for this week on Vimeo, so it'll have to do.